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A project at East Tennessee Children's Hospital

The Healing
Power of Art ---
An Innovative Program of Creativity
By and For Children

Gigi met with Elizabeth Thomas, the Director of Volunteer Services for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH) on July 27, 2009, to discuss the possibility of helping improve the hospital with a spirit of whimsy and fun for the children. 

She was given a sheet of Goals for…” Making the hospital more colorful, enjoyable and endearing for kids”.  Her task at the moment is to manufacture a prototype for a “Jeetle-like” character in three-dimensional form, for a project to be designed by a group of kids, ages 7 to 14, with assistance from some of Gigi’s Art students.  There will be about 10 children participating in the project.  After the characters are complete there will be a showing of their work displayed in glass enclosed cases at the ETCH for public viewing. Connections have been made for news print articles to be featuring Gigi and the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital along with the children and their Art.  Stay tuned for this wonderful upcoming event and see the wonderful results!
"Smile Maker" Artwork Revealed at Children's Hospital
Recently, the children who participated in Gigi's "Smile Maker" artwork program were presented with thank-you gifts by Gigi. The presentation and official viewing of the program's results were held at a spcial reception in honor of the occaision. "The reception was great, and the children were adorable." Gigi Wright said about the event.   13
8   There were about 50-60 people (parents, grandparents, families and friends) who attended a very nice reception for the children held in a conference room at Kopple Plaza across from the East Tennessee Children's Hospital. The children were presented "Thank You" gifts by their Sponsor, Gigi Wright, and also a goodie package from ETCH, and then escorted up to their display by the president of the hosptial, Kevin Goodwin, and the director of Volunteer services, Elizabeth Thomas. After they visited their own display, their families were brought up to view it. EVERYONE loved it and it did what was intended..."Bring a smile to your face".