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What's In The Future
". . .the future is covered in pixie dust!"

Future projects- A long range dream would be to have a “Jeetle House” intended for children requiring artificial limbs and braces. This facility would be used as an immediate source of inspiration to kids experiencing loss of limbs and also for kids who are in rehabilitation. All sales of Jeetles products will have a percent going to help the Jeetle House, Children’s foundations, or child health care issues. The Jeetle House will be designed with loving attention to the artistic whimsy in each child’s room during their stay.

• The plan is to give a child who stays in a children’s hospital a Jeetle character, to be used as a "comfort sake” for whatever reason they are there. Kids don’t like to be in hospitals, so when a parent must leave and they find themselves alone, the Jeetle friend will be their source of comfort.

• I want to license the Jeetles to sell in various forms of products and to always give a portion back to a cause for kids ie: Foundation for kids with artificial limbs or braces; children’s hospital; children’s clinic for kids with cancer going through treatments, etc.

Presently, I have at least 12 different characters of Jeetles. I see them as plush toys with bendable arms and legs. We could even go with the idea of making some without some arms and legs, or without hair so the child could relate. I also see them as vitamins (Jeetlevites); candy (Jeetle gummies); video games and board games; characters printed or embroidered on kids clothes, hair accessories, shoes or slilppers (to match the Jeetle feet).

• Room décor is important for kids.  They need to feel some joy and happy thoughts in “their space”.  Gigi has developed a series of Gigitales which are whimsical fairies depicted on sweet animals such as rabbits, frogs, snails, turtles, sea horses and also on fauna and flora such as mushrooms and in Fairie Rings under some frilly ferns. All are with whimsical flowers.  To date there are 7 completed and another several being executed… many design thoughts are on the future drawing board.

• I hope to manufacture prints, licensed to sell for kid’s room décor to sell in   companies such as Pottery Barn Kids or Target or some affordable venue.  Other possibilities are using elements for printing on fabric for kids bedding, curtains, appliqués on towels, wallies (blown up versions for wall décor); board games furniture décor’ pillows; lamps and rugs.

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